Monday, April 30, 2012

Sewing for Boys April Sew-along

When the 'Sewing for Boys' April pattern  was announced, I wasn't sure that I would participate this month - I've already made two pairs of the Treasure Pocket Pants (a pair with Penguins and a pair with Puppies).  So I felt that we were in a good place with Treasure Pocket Pants already.  Then I realized that this was an excellent opportunity to sew something cute for my 3-month-old nephew.

Now, you may be asking, "How did you sew these for your nephew, isn't the smallest pattern size 12-18 months?"  Okay, so maybe you weren't asking that at all, but I'll answer anyway.  These pants are 12-18 months, and I'm thinking they'll fit my nephew next fall/winter.  He's a big baby, so I'm guessing that they'll fit sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately for us, this means that we won't have any cute photos of babies today.

One reason that I made these way-too-big pants was the fact that I already had all of the materials in my stash.  My aunt gave me the tan canvas/denim fabric that I used for the main part of the pants, and I bought the cute owl print at Sew to Speak.  For the record, the owl print is a Tammis Keefe/Michael Miller print - the third Tammis Keefe print that I've bought.  I love them all!

I didn't really do anything special with this pattern.  The waist facing is narrower than the instructions require, and I used a slightly differnt method for attaching the bottom hem facings, but these are really minor changes.  You may also notice that I used the main canvas fabric for the top side panels, while in the past I've used the contrast fabric all the way up the side.  I really like the result either way.

Of course, even though the recipient is out of town, my son couldn't resist the opportunity to have his picture taken.  Comparing this photo to the pictures of him in his puppy pants really makes me realize how badly this boy needs a haircut!  I promise - short hair will be in the very near future.


  1. Such a cute fabric. Love the owls!

    1. Thanks so much! I love all of the Tammis Keefe prints!