Monday, April 23, 2012

Chomp goes the Alligator

A girl can never have too many skirts.  I should know - I have a closet full of them.  And, I'm working on filling Joanna's closet as well.  So, when Joanna said that she wanted a skirt made from the Alligator fabric that I had in my stash, I was happy to oblige.

I suppose it takes the right kind of person, but my daughter and I both really love this fabric.  It's a Tammis Keefe print from Michael Miller that I picked up at Sew to Speak.  I originally bought the fabric to make a blouse for myself, so when Joanna asked for the skirt, I went back to the store and bought more (I still plan to make that blouse!).  

This skirt is made in almost the same way that I made these skirts a couple months ago.  The only difference is that this skirt isn't quite as full - The rectangles that I cut were about 38"x18", instead of 44"x18".  The fact that the skirt wasn't quite as full as last time made it easier to feed the elastic through, I think.  I'm so glad that Joanna likes this style - it's just so easy!

Now for my blouse - I'm planning to use Colette's Sorbetto pattern - I've cut out the pieces, I just have to throw it together!


  1. I do think our 11 year olds have the same "style". Love these shorter skirts for the older girls and super fast and easy, just the way I like to sew(without a pattern).
    Stop by my blog when you have a chance as I have a little surprise for you there today(April 24th)!

    1. Thanks so much - it's an honor! I'll have to start deciding on some deserving recipients of my own!

      Also, I'm glad you like the skirt - even though she's older, my daughter is often easier to please than my 6 year-old boy. This project was a definite success.