Monday, April 30, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

 Recently, I was honored to be given the Liebster Blog Award by the lovely Laura of sew.knit.grow - she and I have been trading comments on sewing lately.  Not only does she create some lovely sewn goods, but beautiful knit projects as well (which I'm sure everyone could guess from the blog title!) - it makes me wish I were better at knitting.

The idea of the Liebster award is for the recipient to forward the honor to three other small blogs.  I'm a little unsure of how small a blog has to be to qualify (sew.knit.grow says about 200 followers or less), so I'm sort of just guessing.  I'm hoping that these blogs have approximately the right number of followers.  With that in mind, here are my three:
Africankelli:  I've been following Africankelli's blog for the past few months.  I was initially drawn to the blog because of the Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders sew-along, but there are lots of other fun things going on there as well.
Selfsewn: I've been following this growing blog for a few months.  Such beautiful quilts!  The author does some really helpful tutorials.  I have never used the English Paper Piecing Quilting method, but selfsewn makes me want to.
Kunklebaby:  I'll be honest, even though there is a lot of sewing going on here, I just love the photos of the little ones.  The sewing is lovely to look at, too.

And, because I can't help myself, here are some beautiful fabrics that should be arriving in my mailbox in the very near future:
London Calling Lawn Deco Bloom VintageBird's Eye Pique Pale BlueMichael Miller Children At Play Flannel Chasing Airplanes Blue
From left: Robert Kaufman Lawn, Pale Blue Pique, Michael Miller Children at Play Flannel

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