Friday, May 4, 2012

Fat Quarter Gardening Aprons

Well, I apologize for being a bit AWOL this week - it's been super busy!  Unfortunately, I haven't been busy with sewing-related projects, but I've been a bit swamped with job/family/yoga-related projects (Okay, the yoga isn't so much a "project" as an "activity").  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't really relevant to sewing either.  However, I do have a couple projects to show off:

This is a project that I saw on Sew Mama Sew a few weeks ago, and I decided that I needed to make a couple.  One for myself, one for my mother.  I think the blue and green one will have to be for my mother - she is a more avid gardener than I am, and I think the darker colors will hide dirt better.  I don't garden as much, so the lighter color might stand a chance.

All of my fat quarters came from Sew to Speak, but I can't really say who the designers are.  One is an Anna Maria Horner print.  I absolutely love the ties - this is a Michael Miller bias tape.  I have so many ideas for this notion.  I'd like to have a messenger bag with this around the edges, and I'd like to have either a skirt or a top (maybe both) with this for trim.  One thing at a time.

It's a really fun project, and the apron looks fantastic on my beautiful, skinny daughter who was kind enough to model for me.  I think they'll be fine for my mother and myself, but if a person is too much bigger, they may need to use larger pieces of fabric so that the apron covers the entire front of their waist.  But this is just a suggestion - I don't think you'd want it to look too narrow in the front.

Fun stuff!  

The other day at Target, my daughter fell for a pretty floral summer dress - pinkish-purple with ruffles.  My immediate response was "I can totally make that".  So I plan to.  Soon.

Have a great weekend!


  1. These are on my list of things to make! You did an excellent job selecting your fabrics.

    1. Thank you! Good luck on yours - this is a great project to mix and match prints.