Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scallops and Scallops

I have been a bad, bad blogger lately.  How can it be that I haven't posted since the 22nd?  Some craziness at work and the holiday weekend made me lose track of time.  Luckily, just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been sewing!

Here is my second Colette Meringue (the first was a wearable muslin, blogged here):

Can you believe it?  It's the first thing in the morning and I'm already all rumpled!  This is my fault, rather than the fabric's fault.  The fabric is a really lovely Annette Tatum Sateen that actually doesn't wrinkle much (I bought the fabric locally at Sew to Speak, but it isn't up on their website yet).  The name of this print is Scallop, so I think it is perfect for this little Scalloped hem skirt.

I didn't really make any other changes to the pattern, other than being more fastidious with my seam finishing and seam allowance clipping on this version.  I really love this pattern, so there will be a third in my near future.  After that, I promise I'll take a break from Meringues.

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