Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Second Serving of Sorbetto

A couple weeks ago I made this Colette Sorbetto top, and was completely thrilled with the way it turned out (though the photos leave something to be desired).  I decided pretty much immediately that there would be another Sorbetto in my future.  When I saw Robert Kaufman's London Calling Cotton Lawn fabric, I knew it would be a perfect combination.

I already wrote most of my comments about the Sorbetto in my Alligator shirt post, so I don't want to repeat myself.  The only thing I did differently here was I lengthened the hem a bit.  I just used the bottom hem from the original pattern and continued that line a few inches further.  I think this change makes it easier to wear with jeans - if I were wearing a skirt, it would probably get tucked in.

Another brief note - I was very careful to make sure the pattern was centered on the pleat.  It was easy, but the shirt wouldn't look nearly so nice if I hadn't done this - depending on the fabric, this may or may not be important for you, if you try this pattern.

Last weekend was perfect, so I got to wear my new shirt to the park with my kiddos.  A perfect afternoon!


  1. Love this fabric and it also turned out great, once again.

  2. Thanks! It fits like a dream, and now my mother wants one too!