Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Most of the time, I try to make clothes that I think I'll be able to wear for a variety of different occasions.  But sometimes, it is so fun to have something that isn't particularly versatile.  This skirt is super fun, but it isn't really something that I would wear to work, or any sort of event that requires dressing up.  It's just fun.  Good for going to the park, on a walk, or just working around the house.  In other words, it is perfect for a weekend - and it is aptly named Saturday Gathered Skirt (another project from 'Sew What you Love' - is anyone sick of me talking about this book yet?).

I made this skirt on a whim - using fabrics that seemed super-springy.  The main fabric is a birch fabrics organic print, and I really don't know about the green polka dot.  Both were from Sew to Speak.  And, everything would undeniably look better had I done a proper job of ironing before taking this picture, but oh well.

This pattern certainly could be dressed up quite a bit (with a floral voile, perhaps), and there are instructions for adjusting the length, too.  I just happen to like mine exactly the way it is - which is saying quite a lot.  To explain: I made this skirt a couple weeks ago, in a hurry.  We were leaving to visit family in Nashville the next day, and I wanted a lazy skirt to wear on the trip.  So, because I was a bit rushed, I finished the skirt with a simple elastic waist using 1/2" elastic.  I liked it alright, but felt that it would probably be better if I finished it with shirring at the waist (as the book instructs).  So, after coming home, I tore out the current waist and completed it with shirring.  Now, I think it is just about right.  Someone should probably scold me for not following the directions to begin with.

The only change that I might make would be the ruffle.  Next time, I might cut it a little wider, as I would love for it to be a bit flouncier, but that's a minor change.  The pattern also suggests that it might be fun to add more rows of shirring to the waist - I'll have to try this as well.

So, now, all is right in the world of skirts, and we had a lovely time in Nashville:

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