Thursday, February 16, 2012

Josh's Treasure Pocket Pants Redux

I already wrote about the lovely Treasure Pocket Pants pattern from 'Sewing for Boys'.  I liked them so much I made a second pair.  This time I used some soft, tan corduroy and a Dog print fabric by Tammis Keefe.  Instead of using contrast fabric for the waistband, I used the main fabric, mostly because my piece of Puppy fabric wasn't wide enough to cut one long strip; I would have had to piece it, or have sideways dogs.  Josh is (obviously) pretty happy with them.

 I finished sewing these pants late on Friday night, and I left them on the back of a chair, expecting Josh to see them.  Sure enough, when I came downstairs on Saturday morning, he was wearing his new pants!  Seeing a cute kid in cozy new pants makes this mama very happy.

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