Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gazillions of Gathers Pillow

Another family gift exchange pillow!  About a week ago, I posted a photo of my first gift exchange pillow.  This second pillow is quite different, but also lovely. This pattern from ‘Fabric by Fabric One-Yard Wonders’ was a big success.  The directions recommend a lightweight fabric, but I used quilting weight and it worked perfectly.  I happened to have this striped/floral fabric in my stash at home - the stripes really helped to keep my smocking even.  Rather than using chalk to draw evenly spaced lines, I just followed the lines on the pattern! 


  1. Hi - Googled "Gazillions of Gathers pillow" and found your post. This project is what we're making this month in our Fabric by Fabric sew-along ... please feel free to join us in coming months :-)

    I think I'm going to be making the gazillions of gathers -- looks fun! - Sue

    1. Hi, Yes - I was planning to participate in that sew-along! (I'm a sucker for a good sew-along) Thanks for mentioning it! Good luck with your pillow - I can't wait to see what everyone does :)