Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wave Illusions Pillow

I have tons of fabric and ideas for items for myself, but these projects always seem to get postponed.  There are tons of reasons why I do this, but I think it is mainly because it is so gratifying to make things for others.  I love seeing my kids in clothes that I make, and I absolutely love giving unexpected gifts to grateful recipients.

The March patterns for my 'Fabric-by-Fabric One-yard Wonders' sew along are the Wave Illusions pillow and the Gazillions of Gathers pillow.  Now, a few months back, I made one Gazillions of Gathers pillow for a family gift exchange, so even though I'm planning to make another for this sew along, it won't be as much of an adventure.  Because I had already tried one pattern, I started with the other - the Wave Illusions pillow.

Rather than making this pattern with one single yard of wool fabric as the book recommends, I tore apart a thrifted wool plaid skirt that I never wore.  It was one of those thrift store buys that I couldn't pass up because I loved the fabric, even though the fit left something to be desired.  I think its new life as a pillow will be lovely.   Because I was working with less than a yard of fabric, I eliminated 2 tucks and made a 14"x14" pillow, rather than a 16"x16" pillow.

Even though I probably had enough wool plaid left over, I decided to do the back in coordinating fat quarters that I happened to have on hand.  I'm a big fan of pillows with contrasting backs, so this pleases me immensely.  I think I'll use some of the same fabrics on the back of my Gazillions of Gathers pillow, so that they coordinate.  

I worry that maybe I'm not embracing the "one-yard" aspect of the 'One-yard Wonders', but I know this is silly.  I think the best way to think of these patterns is that they are a frugal way to enjoy sewing - and what could be more frugal than using a dollar thrift store skirt?

As I mentioned above, I love sewing for others, and this pillow is no exception.  I gave it to my mother, who thinks it will be the perfect addition to her guest room.

Also, just in case you didn't notice - Spring Flowers!!!

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