Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am sometimes sad (and other times I am glad) that my children are too big for cute little infant clothing and accessories.  Luckily, I now have a cute little nephew that I can sew for!

I actually made this swaddler a while back, but never took a picture of it (it's cuter with the baby inside anyway).  It was made using Lotta Jansdotter's pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby, and the fabric is an organic Cloud9 print.

There weren't many things that I felt I needed (or wanted) to alter on this pattern.  The only change was that I attached the velcro to the lining before sewing the lining to the exterior, because I didn't really want the stitching to show on the outside.  The disadvantage of this is that the fabric on the flaps isn't joined as securely as it would be if I had stitched through both the lining and exterior.  I felt that this wasn't a big deal - and am happy with the look of it without visible stitches.

All things considered, I thought it was a nice pattern - I just wish I had one when my kids were little!


  1. So cute! I do miss the teeny tiny stuff myself, but now I really love that I can have their input when I am working on new designs for them. I love this book too, by the way. Very nice work.

    1. Thanks! And I know what you mean about working with the kids - I love that they actually show more interest in projects now.