Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Dino for Arlo

This is a very special dinosaur that I made for my very special new nephew.  He's colorful and soft and everything a new baby needs in a toy.  Of course, new babies don't really need anything at all in the way of toys, but I made it anyway.

His body is made from Michael Miller fabric from last year that I happened to have in my stash.  The eyes, spikes and bottoms of his feet are wool felt.  I used a pattern from the first One-Yard Wonders book, but made some changes.  In the book, the toy is designed to be mounted on a wooden base with wheels so that he can be pulled along.  Obviously, I didn't do that.  Also, the pattern in the book has the piece for the spikes laid out in a straight line, rather than curved to match the shape of the body.  I made one for my son using their straight pattern, and the felt spikes didn't turn out well.  This time, I traced a new pattern for the spikes, but used the body pattern as a guide.  Rather than being straight, my spikes were nicely curved.  This second attempt turned out really well.  The pattern called for button eyes, but, because it is for a baby, I replaced them with felt - I like the effect!

And here's the little man for whom the dino was made:

"I love looking at the pattern on my dinosaur!"
Welcome to the family, baby Arlo!

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