Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiered Rainbow Skirt

When Joanna picks out fabric for a skirt, her first question is usually "Can you start making it tonight?"  Her next question is usually "Will it be done by tomorrow?"  This was the case with her much anticipated tiered skirt.

The style for this skirt is a combination of Tanya Whelan's Tiered Skirt from 'Sew What You Love' and this blog post from Sew to Speak.  Joanna loved the tiers, but also liked the waistband of the Sew to Speak skirt that we saw on a recent visit to the shoppe.  I was a bit more generous with the widths for each tier - other patterns that I have used from 'Sew What You Love' have seemed a little less gathered than I prefer them to be.

I really love that we alternated the stripe direction for the tiers - I think it works pretty well, and the skirt has an interesting shape/appearance because of it.  The fabric is by Robert Kaufman (I think), and will be perfect for summer.  

And just a side note, Joanna is standing in front of our beloved elementary school for these photos.  Yesterday was her last day, and now she is moving on to bigger and better things (sniffle).

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