Monday, January 30, 2012

Anna's Woodland Bag

Actually, this bag is from ‘Fabric by Fabric One-Yard Wonders’ and it is NOT called the woodland bag.  The name in the book is Bees Knees Pocket Bag, but I didn’t use Bumblebee fabric (as they did in the book), so that doesn’t work for me.  My fabric is all from the Outfoxed collection by Lizzy House for Andover (in case you were wondering).  I love the little foxes!

This bag initially appealed to me because of the curved front pocket.  The premise of most One-Yard Wonders patterns is that you would only use one fabric, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use a great lining fabric and let the contrast show in the top corner.  It worked really well!

In the One-Yard Wonders pattern, they have you cutting two slightly shorter straps.  You can see (below) that I decided to do one longer, wider strap instead.  I really wanted something that I could wear diagonally across my chest, so this is perfect for me.

Another change I made was sewing just one large interior pocket, rather than two.  The bag closes with a magnetic snap.

If anything, I wish this bag were a little bigger, but this is a minor concern.  It carries everything I need, including a book and a rather large collection of other odds and ends.  Of course, this bag could easily be enlarged.  It wouldn’t be a “one-yard wonder” anymore, but, since I mixed patterns anyway, using more than just one yard of fabric obviously wasn’t an issue for me.  
Regardless, I’m completely thrilled with the way it turned out.

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